Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lori Kabat - her wool banners!

Take a look at these new store samples - Lori Kabat designs and makes these and she will be giving a workshop Saturday  August 18th!


 Here we are at Scooters waiting for it to open at 5:30 am before we could head to KC and MARKET! We went straight to the School House Program where we got a taste of who was at market and what new things and ideas we were going to see on Friday in the booths.   
Look closely in the background there is Gail Pan another great Australian who has great embroidery ideas and patterns - yes we did get some for the store.  Then in the foreground yes you are seeing a masterpiece made out of hexies and if you cannot see how small they are take a look at the picture below.

We are not sure that these are even 3/8 inch hexies?? This was her 2ND quilt made from these small little friends..

Wait a minute is that a pair of sneakers below that quilt - who can hold a quilt this large by themselves - it must be Jody Barrows husband Steve! Look for this quilt in the store as a block of month sometime this Fall...   
Just a couple of picture to share with you - this year and next looks to be a lot of fun - speakers are being lined up and once contracts are signed we will share with you who they are.. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It is time for Spring Market and this year ( if you did not know!), it is in Kansas City which means a car ride and lots of space in the back for whatever we cannot leave behind in Missouri. We will be looking for all the new gidgets and gadgets that we cannot live without.... stay tuned we will try to take pics and keep you up to date on what we see as we see it.  Make sure you give us some feedback on whether  our choices might appeal to you..

Kansas City here we come! 

Saturday May 12th brought Jody Barrows to our store. Jody is an author, fabric designer, pattern designer, and with her ruler system makes these wonderful quilts. The trunk show was incredible and the class projects you can see below.

 Everyone got to make one of these fun table runners. 
 This quilt had such rich fall colors in it.... 
 For those of you who like yellow and blue.....

 Perfect points..
 Even more perfect points
See the suitcase full of quilts that was just one of them..
Jody's quilts are so soft - she uses her own fabric which is softer than some that we are used to and she uses Hobbs batting - her stories that went with each quilt were heartwarming and made the day a special experience. Thank you to all who came to see and learn from her.