Saturday, August 17, 2013

Where have I been - one might think

I have been sitting around doing nothing but eating bonbons!!!! But if the truth be known we have been busy planning and thinking about all those things that we need to do to get ready for the holidays!
If you have not seen these in real life look what arrived a week or so ago
Our outside signs!!! By night and by day 

We hope they help as you find us in our new location!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I thought that this post would have a

Very large picture of our new signs but that is not to be! I got the call on Friday minutes before the truck was to arrive .... .. that Tuesday of this week is now the chosen day as the truck had broken down .. ... I was disappointed how could that be?? No truck no sign! But maybe tomorrow..

Anyway in spite of all that we had a great time in Seward- good to see so many of you ...  All enjoying the classes and friendship. I very much enjoyed meeting other store owners from the western part of the state.

Here are a couple of pics of our booth 

I know this last one is a little different for us... a new batik modern quilt. Although different for us we love it!!!! 

So when we returned we changed around the store for our first feel of Fall !! We have a couple of models still in the making!
This is a kit made from primitive  quilts and projects - great fall colors! We only have a couple of kits left - with the pattern included it retails for $59.99.
This is our new homespun kit - the colors are so perfect and the fabric makes it soft  and cuddly - it retails for $69.99 and the pattern is included.

To go with this quilt we found some great baskets that can be hung easily with the pack of hanging hooks - and then filled with greenery or fall decorations - at $32 these are good value I believe.

After the Crow girls left in May - I began the Autumnal Pinwheel table runner - and finally it is finished..... Take a look and see what you think...

It is on the front table as you come into the shop - this kit has all the wool, fabric and pattern and retails for $69.00.

Some of you may have seen the fabulous s'mores quilt that was made for us...
Here it is in our booth at the Omaha Guild Show- the carpet in the conference center adds quite a back drop!!
We have re-kitted this - we were waiting on the sashing fabric to come in - if you have the magazine we can remove it from the kit! It sells for $65
Last but not least a table topper with cute pumpkins ready for your Halloween celebrations ..pattern is included and it retails for $50!
If you get a chance pop in to see these models in their true colors! 
Maybe tomorrow I can post pics of my signs.....

Best wishes