Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kim Diehl - What Not Club

We have all of her wonderful quilts kitted and three are complete - the rest will be able to view in a couple of weeks I hope! 
You can sign up for all of them or choose which ones you like!  

Oh and yes that is also
Our design for the Row by Row 'n 

It's just as well I have this blog

because I have just sent out a newsletter and I am now remembering several things that I forgot to tell you. 

The Row by Row Experience starts in June and lots of stores are now involved with this national program - for more information Google Row by Row and all will be revealed but in the meantime - here is our row design - 

The pattern will be available when the time is right and should you want a kit that will be available too. Designed by non other than our own Jan Fry! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Phew - back home and looking for

all  those things - that I picked up - squeezed them in every single space I could find- 
So the big item for us this year was a new software for our point of sale and website - we should be able to do all kinds of fancy things after the conversion so look out for a new look! 
So yawn yawn you are saying what good stuff was there for us .... Well we bought some wonderful new fabrics that will be arriving during the course of the rest of year...
New wools in both brighter colors and lighter colors!
Sue Spargo has some wonderful projects for those of you who want to branch in to  that area

This is a good example of what we are planning to do. 
I did find a pattern for us to use for our summer block of the week - so we will be  looking to make that up quickly  as that generally begins in June.

New Quiltmania books

Just the beginning......

Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's time for Quilt market 2015 in Minneapolis

Very happy to be here in rainy Minneapolis- waiting for the key note speech and then off to find out what is new and exciting to bring back to the store! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The blog is back! I had a few technical difficulties

 But some very nice people at the Apple store helped me and in a very few moments I was on my way with a phone that I think is working again properly.  So here are a few pictures of items that we have up and for sale in the store.

Hand appliqued - a favorite for those who love  Jo Morton - it is our version of Prairie Flowers - it is kitted with the book of course and all the fabrics are the same as in the model.

We are adding more and more hand appliqued projects.  Look for a picture of  a pillow called English Rose shortly - It is beautiful and can also be accomplished in a shorter period of time!
 This is a lovely red and cream Jo Morton quilt.  The toile is perfect and makes the quilt even more stunning. If you were not aware we are running Jo 's Little Women Club -  the meeting is held on the last Thursday evening of the month and we are having a lot fun making this year's projects. There are still a couple of seats left so you can still join us if you would like. 

We have also been busy putting together the class roster for the next few months. Our Beginning Piecing class is running on Saturdays and Fridays - a new binding class which will also cover how to put on a bias binding is just one session  - The kit is ready for a binding - you do not have to do anything to prepare for this class. Also the Intermediate Piecing Summer class kicks off very shortly too so call us if you are interested in joining in.
 We have also been working on Kim Diehl's What Not Club projects. We are not running this as a club per se but the kits are ready and these are the first three projects that we have done. These too are very lovely  - Kim's fabrics are rich and make up in such a wonderful way.