Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Phew - back home and looking for

all  those things - that I picked up - squeezed them in every single space I could find- 
So the big item for us this year was a new software for our point of sale and website - we should be able to do all kinds of fancy things after the conversion so look out for a new look! 
So yawn yawn you are saying what good stuff was there for us .... Well we bought some wonderful new fabrics that will be arriving during the course of the rest of year...
New wools in both brighter colors and lighter colors!
Sue Spargo has some wonderful projects for those of you who want to branch in to  that area

This is a good example of what we are planning to do. 
I did find a pattern for us to use for our summer block of the week - so we will be  looking to make that up quickly  as that generally begins in June.

New Quiltmania books

Just the beginning......

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