Monday, May 19, 2014

Last but not least... Two quilts hanging in the galleries

If you can scroll into this one to see all the fine detail - I did find some "tools" to help us with the very small pieces.

This was as beautiful - exquisite embroidery .... New things will be arriving as they get shipped so check back with us .... 

Moda's booth was wonderful along with Edyta who was just along side Moda

This next quilt has the old one to the left and then the new one to the right - this was designed with Libby Lehman in mind and all fabric sales will benefit the drive to defray her medical costs. You may remember that she is the "bottom line" girl and of course much more. We have bought the fabric and will, once it ships put together a kit and maybe a fun competition so that we can help out a fellow quilter..

And so the pictures of Edytas booth show some of the new projects that will be in her new book coming out in August.


Sunday, May 18, 2014

But now to market and some of the quilts..

You may have seen this before but it has been redone in newer fabrics by Paula and it is lovely

This little number had just been completed thus the absence of any quilting and borders - a new line of fabric coming in September 
Here she is again

So many of you know that we vended for the Crow Girls down in Nebraska City

And then also for Sue Daley at the Lincoln guild . A huge thank you to the guilds who took such great care of me during my trips. So we do have three of Sue's quilts hanging in the store with their papers and patterns. Whoops I do not have pictures I those yet but stay tuned and I will get them out here for you.

I have so much to tell you so this is going to

Be the first of several blogs I expect. So yes I am just back from market but let me show you some pictures that I should  have shared earlier and then I will get to the market pictures - 
Here are some new fabrics that are on the floor ..

These are so pretty and at market we did get to see them all made up... So much eye candy... 

I could not remember if I had put up the Molly B line or not but this is just a few of them..