Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas! Seasons Greetings! Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful time - I am sitting up in my sewing room watching the snow come down by the street light outside. Everything is still and it is very quiet.  I have those wonderful dogs snoozing in various parts of the room and all is still. I have been stitching on some of my last gifts and then just the wrapping of presents is all that is left.  I hope that all of you can grab a few minutes to enjoy the quiet during this busy and sometimes stressful time of the year.

To remind you of just a couple of things.. We will be closed on Sunday the 23rd and then the 24th and 25th but will fling the doors wide open on the 26th with some wonderful goodies on sale.. I am not sure what that will be yet but I have time... If you have an emergency on the 24th I will be in the store I am sure in the morning..  sorting through something or another!!!!!

And now to share some of the wonderful things that our club members have been doing this past month.  In our English Paper Piecing Club meeting we saw this wonderful Southern Star quilt. Pictures seldom do our quilts justice and this picture may be like that but the colours and their combinations were magnificent.
 Our Small Quilt Club (session 1) finished their first projects in good time - and as you can see below each one had its own character based on fabric selections.  The shop model is up and kitted if you are unable to make the sewins but would like to be a part of this group.  The second session almost made it!!! some were finished but not quilted and bound - I am sure next month they will be the first to finish!!!  
 We also had a challenge out to the embroidery club to make this sampler before December 31st. and those samplers are coming in fast and furious.. so what you will see is their samplers in the store and you will need to vote on the one you like the best during the month of January!The one with the most votes will  win a gift certificate!  So look out for them in January and if you would like to be a part of the next challenge let us know. 


  1. Please pass along to the maker of the Southern Star quilt that it is stunning! I love it! I do wish I lived closer and could come to your EPP club. I am envious! Thanks for sharing the darling quilts cute!

  2. I am sorry I won't be around to visit the shop I will be going south for the holidays but see you in 2013.